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Recently added Pakistani Brides
F-91935 31, UnMarried, Muslim, Sindhi, Pakistan F-91226 35, UnMarried, Muslim, Sindhi, Pakistan
F-90803 23, UnMarried, Muslim, Urdu, Pakistan F-90155 27, Divorced, Muslim, Urdu, Pakistan  Next 
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Recently added Pakistani Grooms
Male Picture M-92373 30, UnMarried, Muslim, Urdu, Pakistan Male Picture M-92345 22, UnMarried, Muslim, Punjabi, Pakistan
Male Picture M-92341 30, UnMarried, Muslim, Punjabi, Pakistan Male Picture M-92336 26, UnMarried, Muslim, Punjabi, Pakistan Next
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Bride List Confirm Brides
 Syed  Arain  Rajput  Yousafzai  Other Casts
 Sindh    Punjab     NWFP      Baluchistan  Other States
 Karachi   Islamabad  Lahore  Rawalpindi     Other Cities
 Urdu  Sindhi  Punjabi  Pashto  OtherLanguage
 Foreign Shia / Sunni  Non-Muslim  Widow/Divorce  Disability
Groom List Confirm Groom
  Syed   Arain   Rajput   Yousafzai    Other Casts
  Sindh       Punjab       NWFP         Baluchistan    Other States
  Karachi     Islamabad   Lahore    Rawalpindi        Other Cities
  Urdu  Sindhi   Punjabi    Pashto    OtherLanguage
  Foreign Shia /  Sunni  Non-Muslim   Widower/Divorce    Disability
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Female Picture can see after Confirmation